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Two Align B.V
Two Align B.V September 26, 2022
Updated 2022/09/26 at 11:13 AM
About the Supplier

We are a very innovative company focusing on a new way of drinking coffee. Together with our partner Euro Caps (world market leader white label Nespresso compatible manufacturer) we develop functional coffee capsules. This means that you can enjoy your espresso, coffee or latte and at the same time get your daily vitamins and minerals.
This without affecting the taste of our coffees and all our functionals are externally tested for the presence of the vitamins and minerals so that our claims are 100% certain.
We expect that within two years it will be quite normal to match your coffee to the time of day (think of an energy booster in the morning or before a meeting) or your personal need for vitamins (think of a vitamin D deficiency or a vitamin B complex for vegatarians). We have a whole range of functional coffees, from an immunity blend to a beauty blend. In addition to our existing products we continue to develop new functionals like coffee with vitamin C and a vitamin B 12.

Our functional coffees are available both white label and under our own brand Bennie Green. Consumers are increasingly looking for more added value in everyday products and with our technology and quality we are sure that coffee will be part of this in the near future.

Visit our booth and taste our coffees for yourself and learn more about what we do!

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