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Tree of Life UK Limited January 27, 2022
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Pro-Ven Probiotics Lab4 Lab4B and Lab4P – researched -backed live bacteria.

Lab4, the group of bacteria used in the ProVen products, was first identified around 15 years ago by Dr Nigel Plummer. The team of scientists and researchers at ProVen Probiotics have undertaken more than 26 clinical trials into the effectiveness of the Lab4 probiotics strains in association with several leading universities and hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.

As well as the core Lab4 group of bacteria, the ProVen Probiotics pregnancy and baby products contain a slightly different group of four strains of friendly bacteria, known as Lab4B. And more recently, the company has developed Lab4P, which contains the four core Lab4 strains with Lactobacillus Plantarum, an additional strain of live bacteria native to the human digestive tract.

The Lab4 friendly bacteria used in ProVen Probiotics is one of the most studied groups of friendly bacteria in the world and the most studied in the UK, substantiating the claim that it has the widest range of clinical benefits of any probiotics around the world.

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