Trade with Ukraine

National Board of Trade - Kommerskollegium
Updated 2022/09/26 at 2:33 PM
About the Supplier

At the First Ukrainian Exposition will be presented 6 of the leading Ukrainian organic producers of fruit rolls, apple chips, snacks and fruit bars, muesli, tea and powder drinks, freeze-dried products, seeds, dried fruits and berries that are certified according to the main organic standards.

Company Type / Business Services
Our products & services
Brancho (Fruit rolls, apple chips, edible tea)
Family Garden (Fresh blueberry)
Healthy Tradition (Powder drinks, seeds, gluten-free cereals, dried fruits, berries, gluten-free flours, snacks, bars)
Mol’far Eko (Tea)
Panfruit (Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables)
Primfood (Instant porridge, muesli and fruit bars)
Ukr-Walnut (Walnut kernels)
Products / Services