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Terpenic Lab S.L. August 9, 2022
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We are the leading laboratory in scientific phyto-aromatherapy and ranked in first place for the whole of Europe. We have the most complete range of essential oils with bio certification, which we analyse through a process of gas chromatography in order to correctly identify our product’s chemotype. With more than 200 references and thanks to the constant addition of new products to our catalogue, we have become the European laboratory with the most references of essential oils. All our oils are 100% pure, whole, natural and chemotyped.

Fully committed to obtaining the highest quality and purity in all our raw materials, we travel around the world in search of the best local 0km producers. On all our packaging we provide detailed information on the origin and method of obtaining each oil, specifying the producing body, botanical variety, scientific name, origin, chemotype and purity, as well as the organic certification.Due to commitment to transparency, what it says on the label is exactly what you find inside.

At Terpenic we are proud to boast the BIO-organic certification seal awarded the Euro-Leaf and bio.inspecta. Developed in the EU, the Euro-Leaf makes it possible to identify foods and products that come from organic farming, also guaranteeing that they are products free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients, as well as the non-use of toxic substances. Swiss-based body bio.inspecta certifies products produced according to the principles of environmental and social sustainability in addition to animal welfare. In the case of terpenic, bio.inspecta endorses all our cosmetic products. We also analyse and guarantee the purity of our essential oils by obtaining their chemotype.

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