Roots of Malmo AB

Roots of Malmo AB
Roots of Malmo AB September 7, 2022
Updated 2022/09/07 at 11:27 AM
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Roots of Malmö AB makes delicious, healthy, and hi-quality Kombucha and other innovative fermented beverages. Roots was started in 2014 by two Lund University researchers who were passionate about fermentation and saw a huge hole in the European beverage offerings for tasty, low sugar and non-alcoholic, fermented beverages, and they have been brewing and bottling kombucha in their Malmö facility ever since. In addition to Kombucha, Roots of Malmö makes a number of other fermented beverages including water kefir, kvass, and ginger beer, and does private label production and bottling of these and other products for a number of other brands throughout Scandinavia.
Roots’ Kombuchas are very low in sugar, always live (unpasteurised and unfiltered), and always flavoured with whole botanical ingredients. These basic principles combined with years of experience manufacturing and perfecting non-alcoholic fermented beverages are why Roots is today the largest kombucha brewer in the nordics as well as the most award winning.
Customers come to Roots for the low sugar, innovative flavors and whole ingredients, and they stay for the great taste!

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