Porlammin Meijeri OY

Porlammin Meijeri OY
Porlammin Meijeri OY December 13, 2021
Updated 2021/12/13 at 1:02 PM
About the Supplier

Finnish quality cheeses since 1914!

As a small independent cheese maker we cherish our customers on top of great taste.

We are known for our reliability in deliveries and first class quality.

In 2016 Porlammi Dairy introduced a new line of totally milk free Finnish vegan cheeses, Simply Vegan!

They are used just like normal cheese but contain no milk or other ingredients of animal origin. You might not even notice the difference from a normal cheese in terms of taste, texture and behavior when using Simply Vegan.

As a result of customer wishes Simply Vegan contain important nutrients such as protein, calcium, B12- and D-vitamins.

We welcome you to be our partner in the world of great vegan cheese.

Finnish quality cheeses since 1914!

With a special guest from VeggieBel with their brand new vegan organic bouillon cubes!

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