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Updated 2022/08/24 at 8:19 AM
About the Supplier

Nordic Natural Beauty distribute high quality organic, vegan and natural beauty products on the Nordic market. Our carefully selected brands are Inika Organic Makeup, Inika Skincare, Eco by Sonya, Moonsun Organic of Sweden and Jimmy Boyd.

Part of Nordic Natural Beauty is Moonsun Organic of Sweden, an award-winning holistic unisex beauty brand from Sweden, with lovely products filled with aromatherapies to get more effect on the skin. Beauty that i sustainable for both the nature and the people. Happiness for both the body and the soul. The line is adaptogen which means that our products adapt to different skin types. Because of this our products are suitable for both woman and men, daytime as well as during the might, from early teens to again skin.

Our brands:

INIKA Organic is an award winning 100% natural and vegan makeup brand from Australia. The products are high performances and proven to be effective.

Inika Skincare is a a 100% natural and vegan line of hightec skincare products with the highest percentage of organic active ingredience on the market – 5%. The line is develop to treat, and nurture your skin and prevent the skin from aging.

Eco by Sonya offers a complete luxury series of skin care, body care and tanning, which is full of organic active ingredients that nourish and nourish the skin. 100% natural and vegan.

The perfume house Jimmy Boyd has developed Eau de Cologne Bio-dynamic Collection, 100% natural and vegan fragrances. All seven fragrances are light and give a refreshing feeling, and inspires to different emotions.

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