NATURIQ s.r.o.

NATURIQ s.r.o.
NATURIQ s.r.o. August 9, 2022
Updated 2022/08/09 at 1:11 PM
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NATURIQ is a combination of nature, wisdom and uniqueness which brings enjoyment of what is good for your health, taste buds and sustainability of our environment. We are artisans focused on production of plant based organic muesli. Our muesli is made by real, talented and passionate people whose skilled hands are the secret ingredient that takes our products from great to unrivalled. To keep the delicious flavour, satisfying texture and all the nutritional goodness intact we use the bare minimum level of processing. We carefully select the best ingredients that make our muesli a mouth-watering experience. Thanks to this we have carved a solid reputation for innovative, category-challenging and award-winning products. We add no sugar or any other kinds of sweeteners. Literally. That is the rule. Simply, we strive to combine our amazing blends the way they bring enjoyment to you while respecting gifts of the Earth.

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