MontOlympe Natural Cosmetics

MontOlympe Natural Cosmetics
Updated 2022/08/31 at 4:21 PM
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MontOlympe cosmetics are Greek, certified natural cosmetics for the face, hair and body.

Founded by two medical doctors who, after returning to their native land at the foot hills of Olympus Mountain, researched a verifiable effect of the blossoms, fruits and herbs of Mount Olympus. Based on the results of their research they developed a unique cosmetic beauty line from Olympus organic herbs. Especially gentle processing, short routes of transportation and artisanal production, all here on the foot hills of Mount Olympus, bare witness to the deep relationship with nature that drives both of them.

Our formulas enclose the distillate from the unique ecosystem of Mount Olympus, an ecosystem that is recognized among the richest in the world.

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