Mokosh Didiuk sp.k.

Mokosh Didiuk sp.k.
Mokosh Didiuk sp.k. September 26, 2022
Updated 2022/09/26 at 11:13 AM
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MOKOSH Didiuk sp.k. is a top Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics. Since 2014, we have been creating a dynamic brand with an international vision, strongly focused on customers and their needs.
We produce in Poland (near Warsaw), where our office and laboratory are located with its own machinery park.
All products are the result of cooperation between technologists and cosmetologists. That’s why it is so good respond to the real needs of customers. For production, we use carefully selected raw materials with scientifically proven effects.
The range of products has been divided into single-component and multi-component formulas for comprehensive body and face care.

The hallmark of MOKOSH are not only great compositions and their proven effects, but also extraordinary fragrances. This is how we care for the body, but also for the senses. We believe that a holistic approach is important for the spiritual sphere of our lives. In our range of fragrances, we can find aromas from all over the world, but we also emphasize our Slavic roots, which is why Polish raspberry could not be missing. The fruity, delicate and extremely pleasant aroma stimulates the senses and brings to mind Polish forests … giving a feeling of relaxation, bliss and peace. The holistic philosophy is also reflected in the appearance of our packaging. We avoid excessive decorations on labels and unnatural decorations in photos. In design, we focus on minimalism.

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