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LCC Brands July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/08/31 at 3:24 PM
About the Supplier

LCC BRANDS is a cosmetics manufacturer based in Poland specialized in the development of fragranced products. We are a team of fragrance lovers and business specialists with experience in product development, production and distribution. We aimed to extend our product range and introduce a company dedicated to innovative projects based on observed trends and new technologies. LCC BRANDS team sees beauty in diversity and want to showcase that with our brands. Our mission is to, through fragrance, encourage people to tell their stories in their own unique way.

The company’s potential is marked by the knowledge and know-how of experts and specialists with almost 20 years of experience in the fragrance industry. Together with the highly responsible choice of partners in business and locating the fragrance production in the UE, we achieved the desired product quality and work ethics standards control. With such a stable basis, we started to work on our first project Рa brand called COLABO.

In this project, we are directing our attention to the biggest challenge and goal of modern society – embracing our relationship with nature. As Earth’s inhabitants, we are searching for a way to offer consumers a better choice in the fragrance branch of the beauty industry, since we believe it is possible to take care of the physical beauty without compromising the beauty of nature.

COLABO is a new approach to eco-conscious fragrance. We make sure that each part of the product is environmentally friendly, which is a great challenge in the perfume industry, but also speak about co-existing with nature and encourage people to love the natural beauty and beauty of nature in a positive community. WE WORK WITH NATURE is more than just a company slogan – this phrase expresses the way we co-create this business, aligned with our natural surroundings.

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