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Hello to your halo Ltd January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 3:22 PM
About the Supplier

LOCAKO is Australia’s founding, pioneering and market-leading low-carb and keto brand.

Founded by Ally Mellor in 2017, LOCAKO has grown rapidly to a trusted brand with a strong consumer following for those who follow a low-carb and true keto lifestyle, while maintaining broader appeal to everyone wanting healthy, low-sugar snacks.

Responsible for significant category growth in Australia, LOCAKO is known for its great flavors and innovative products that challenge the status quo – edible cookie dough, collagen mousse, chocolate gummies to name a few, and was the first to market with keto products, collagen bars and creamers in Australia.

All LOCAKO products are created with the healthiest and cleanest possible ingredients – collagen sourced from pasture-raised cows; MCT oil powder extracted through distillation without any chemicals or solvents; and pure native monk fruit extract that has zero impact on blood sugar levels.

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