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HAGI Sp. z o.o.
HAGI Sp. z o.o. September 26, 2022
Updated 2022/09/26 at 11:13 AM
About the Supplier

HAGI was created by women: mother – chemist and cosmetologist by profession – and her two daughters, inspired by their passion – love of nature and a holistic approach to cosmetic rituals, to address various skin issues in a natural way.
HAGI values: Harmony and holistic approach towards oneself in which taking care of body is equally important as spiritual and intellectual development; Affirmation of nature and embracing diversity; Green beauty of our planet, which keeps us inspired and amazed by plants which are the richest source of one’s well-being; Inspiration coming from human beings and their care needs by creating products which support natural processes regulating skin’s optimum condition.
Our innovative approach and respect for natural processes in human body resulted in launching the first cyclesensitive range of face creams for specific skin’s needs during the menstrual cycle.
We envision a world of women who are happier by embracing skincare concept as a holistic idea, and through careful observation of their unique skin needs in a monthly cycle address them by using appropriately designed skin care products.
We plan our business in a long term perspective. That is why we constantly invest in expansions in our production facility, which allows us to increase our production capacity and to produce new kinds of products.
Hagi products have received numerous awards, such as: Best New Skincare Product 2021 (Eco Life Scandinavia), InStyle Best Beauty Buys, Glammies, EdAwards, Love Cosmetics Awards, Piggy Sztos, Doskonałość Roku Twój Styl, Must Have by Łódź Design Festival, and many others.

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