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GSIporter ab November 1, 2022
Updated 2022/11/01 at 11:14 AM
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Welcome to our vision of a more diverse vegan culture in Scandinavia! We are helavegan, a tight and well-knitted family based in Gothenburg Sweden. Driven with the purpose to enrich and expand the vegan lifestyle for the Scandinavian people, helavegan is set on reintroducing raw and eco-living products from Sri Lanka. With an ancient culture spanning six thousand years, Sri Lankans are adept at reusing natural waste as organic and sustainable tools and utensils. Coconut husks as ladles, kitchen and toilet brushes, spoons, plates, and manure. With the country constantly being in a tropical climate, and with nitrogen-rich soil, Sri Lanka’s raw products such as spices, vegetables, and fruits develop a richer and more sustainable flavour. Helavegan wants to share this. Share these unique and sustainable appliances and raw products with Scandinavia and introduce an exotic way of life that hasn’t been tasted and explored before.

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