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FoodConnX B.V. October 17, 2022
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For years, we have been gaining experience as a manufacture of brilliant organic food. Thanks to the experience gained, we approach with particular sensitivity to the food industry. In Poland we are one of the biggest natural and organic, fermented food producer. Vegetable cuisine and fermentation is our passion. We want to share it with you!
In Fermentz We believe that food based on good quality, organic ingredients can have the superpower to support whole body. That is a reason why we put all our heart into what we do!
We offer you healthy, functional immuno drinks: fire ciders & immune chaga shots!
The power of nature closed in a bootle. Fire cider is a traditional mixture of apple cider, roots and herbs. The product is created through a maceration process. As a result, the liquid retains the valuable components of vegetables and herbs. The Ingredients belong to natural antibiotics therefore we use fire cider as a prophylaxis against infections, to improve immunity.
Medicinal mushroom products are on a strong growth trend in the world and scientific interest in the Chaga mushroom is greater than ever before. We cooperate with the world’s leading scientists to further discover the full potential of chaga. In our elixir you can find not only chaga but organic herbs, blackberries, honey and vitamin C. Everything together has a real power from the nature! A natural, simple way to support your immunity and nervous system.

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