Ekomatcentrum September 23, 2022
Updated 2022/09/23 at 8:37 AM
About the Supplier

Ekomatcentrum is a non-profit association with around 250 members. The members are representatives from all parts of the food-chain. The main purpose is to increase production and consumption of organic and climate friendly products. Ekomatcentrum gives lectures, counselling, develops educational materials focused on organic and climate friendly food. Ekomatcentrum has been gathering information regarding food purchase in the Swedish public sector for over 20 years. Statistics from the purchases in the public sector works with information, education and counselling about sustainable organic food, mainly to the restaurant and catering sector. Ekomatcentrum also present the annual “Lilla Ekomatsligan” award, where public kitchens in schools and pre-schools and nursing homes with the highest percentage of organic food purchases are ranked.

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