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Casheury AB September 5, 2022
Updated 2022/09/05 at 2:50 PM
About the Supplier

We are a small vegan creamery based in the south of Sweden with the dream of creating a valid alternative to cheese able to contribute positively to the change in the food habits and the food production that our planet urges us to make.
Over the past five years we have researched how to develop a product that can compete with and replace traditional cheese while being ethical and sustainable without compromising on taste and in fact being even tastier!
This has culminated in the foundation of our plant-based cheeze company Casheury and the beginning of our little adventure!Using traditional cheesemaking techniques and minimal ingredients we produce creamy, aged and mould-ripened cheezes.
Our cheezes are handmade in micro batches, one by one on every step of the production, from the soaking to the mixing, filling in to the moulds, coating with organic herbs and spices, setting them in ripening cells to age and finally the packing.
We are inspired by classic dairy products and our authentic taste and texture is achieved by combining the highest quality organic cashew nuts with traditional techniques and plant-based cultures.

Our products & services
Ramslök Plant-based Cheese
Bruschetta Plant-based Cheese
Mixpepper Plant-based Cheese
Hickory Smoked Plant-based Cheese
Chives and Lemon Plant-based Cheese
Beta Pepparrot Plant-based Cheese
Black Garlic Plant-based Cheese
Goo.Dah Plant-based Cheese
Casheumozza Plant-based Cheese
Cashembert white mould-ripened plant-based cheese
Summer Truffle Vrie - brie stye plant-based cheese
Casheuzola blue mould-ripened plant-based cheese
Products / Services