Baelg October 5, 2022
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About the Supplier

It all started in 2019 when the two childhood friends Martin and Benjamin needed a snack with high quality and ingredients. Curious and with a goal to create a piece of confectionery that was honest and ambitious, they started BÆLG®. It took them countless failed attempts before they were satisfied with the flavor and quality of the product. The result became BÆLG®s bites – handmade with organic Danish chickpeas and coated in dark chocolate.
In the spring of 2021 Martin and Benjamin were joined by Mikkel, and together they plan to revolutionize the Danish confectionery market with innovative and uncompromising products. The three friends and partners now make their confectionery bites in an old butcher’s shop in Ørbæk in Denmark.

Our organic confectionery bites, with carefully picked (out) ingredients, is a dedicated and ambitious attempt at making more sustainable confectionery. We use organic Danish legumes, because it’s both good for the biodiversity on the fields and because it tastes delicious in combination with dark chocolate.

Our bites are low on sugar, high on protein and fiber as well as gluten- and lactose free without compromising taste or quality. We are very proud to be able to introduce BÆLG® bites in four flavors – handmade with Danish organic chickpeas and coated with dark chocolate.

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