Aloefarm Agricultural Association

Aloefarm Agricultural Association
Updated 2022/10/27 at 9:59 AM
About the Supplier

AloeFarm started its journey with a farm growing aloe plants in 1990. It commenced AloeFarm
E-commerce in 1998. Since then it has expanded its activities to the processing and bottling
Aloe Vera (raw materials and finished products), selling and exporting.

AloeFarm’s aloe is raised in Geoje island located in the southern coast of Korea. Thanks to the good
natural conditions such as sufficient sunlight, sea breeze from all directions, and clean environment
for cultivating aloe, we can get high quality healthy aloe that contains abundant minerals.
In addition, all our products are made of aloe cultivated by 100% ECO-friendly (pesticide-free)
cultivation methods.

AloeFarm differentiates its products from others by offering value-added products made with
natural ingredients. Its aloe gel is produced by pulverizing fresh aloe vera, whereas most other
products use imported powder gel. Since the company uses homegrown natural ingredients,
it has become a model of qualitative growth for other Korean aloe farms and is gaining recognition
overseas as a producer of premium-quality products.

AloeFarm is not only a company of agriculture and agricultural product processing, but also a service
provider (theme park). In the theme park, visitors can see aloe from all over the world and learn
about the beneficial effects of aloe and ways to use it. The park serves experiential learning such
as aloe foot bath, making aloe chocolate, aloe skin, etc.

We, AloeFarm’s family put our great efforts in producing better Aloe products for the healthier lives of our

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