Ekofrisa July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/08/31 at 2:19 PM
About the Supplier

Lithuanian origin crop processor for buckwheat, wheat, barley and yellow peas. Mostly focused on buckwheat. Purchasing from local farmers, processing and analyzing at site to achieve best quality. Organic hulled buckwheat, roasted buckwheat, buckwheat grits or flour – our gluten free products.

Being in love with buckwheat we created products from buckwheat – cereal snacks in shape of bars and granola Рorganic, allergen free – supplemented with vegetables and sticked with lowest GI index rice syrup. 3 flavors: with honey and cranberry, with broccoli and quince, with carrot and beetroot. Put your gadget aside and try to count how many whole buckwheat groats you can find. Clean label. Organic Nature’s Element!

Lite version of slice of bread – gluten free buckwheat crackers – our new members of the Organic Nature’s Element family – 3 flavors – 100 % buckwheat, buckwheat with quinoa or with millet. Feel joy of buckwheat lightness!

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