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The Good Guru December 10, 2021
Updated 2021/12/10 at 6:13 PM
About the Supplier

The Good Guru, Ltd ( is a food supplement company based in Hackbridge, Surrey. When launched in 2015 we were working on regular supplements, starting in 2018, the company started to offer organic and vegan supplements. We are creating powerful Ayurvedic herbal blends that work in harmony with the body bringing balance, supporting performance and overall wellbeing. In India’s Ayurveda system of health, herbs have been used traditionally for wellbeing benefits for centuries. Many of the herbs we use are adaptogenic, which help the body to adapt to physical, chemical, or biological stress.

All our ingredients are sourced based on purity, quality and from certified suppliers from around the world. The formulas are all blended and manufactured in the UK under rigorous conditions. This includes separating our Organic and vegan manufacturing between 2 factories.

Where possible we use packaging, materials and methods which support the wellbeing of the planet.
Our founder believes that using natural organic and plant-based ingredients (the Gelatin free veg capsules), with no fillers, chemicals, GMO, gluten and soy, is the best way to support long term health and wellbeing.

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