Ritual Cacao

Ritual Cacao
Ritual Cacao January 14, 2022
Updated 2022/01/14 at 3:29 PM
About the Supplier

Our aim at Ritual Cacao is to rebrand Cacao as a daily, nutritious, and healthy well-being remedy that reduces stress and anxiety, opens your heart and uplifts your spirits.

We offer Ceremonial Grade Cacao, regular Plant Medicine Cacao Ceremonies, 21 Day Cacao Challenges, and monthly Cacao Rituals to reignite your inspiration, find your creativity, and feel uplifted, positive and connected.

We also believe that indigenous knowledge is essential for the preservation of Nature, and ensuring we keep this planet healthy for future generations.

It is essential to protect their territory and respect their indigenous ways of living, and support them in continuing their ancient farming practises.

When you choose cacao from us, you are buying fair-trade, organically grown ceremonial-grade cacao, and supporting indigenous Amazonian communities.

By supporting our producers directly, we help them maintain their traditional way of life, and indigenous farming techniques that don’t harm the earth.

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