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Pushback Ltd December 10, 2021
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About the Supplier

ClearO2 is an all natural health and wellbeing oxygen supplement product available without prescription, developed in response to multiple studies showing the beneficial effects of supplemental oxygen for health and wellbeing, beauty and sport performance.


Boosts energy levels

Enhances physical performance

Increases power and strength

Eases fatigue

Focuses mind

Improves cognitive performance, concentration and memory function

Helps to relax

Reduces stress levels

Delivers oxygen deep into skin’s cells where it provides collagen synthesis

Rebuilds skin’s wall and reverses premature ageing

Alleviates effects of pollution

Based in rural Shropshire, we are the original company to supply small oxygens cans to the UK market. We now have an international presence, expanding globally in recent years.

We produce eco-friendly cans of pure breathing oxygen at a minimum of 99.5% purity.

Optimise your health, energy levels, lifestyle and wellbeing.

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