PORTHIA July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/08/31 at 4:47 PM
About the Supplier

We are a group of young farmers who follow the tradition of our ancestors; we have devoted our lives to cultivating, harvesting and producing some of the world’s finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our produce is obtained from a careful selection of manually picked untreated olives and we only use mechanical cold pressed methods of extraction.

Today, our history is part of our strength, bringing together tradition, experience and passion in every single step of the process to make one the world’s highest quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

At Porthia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use very specific standards in every step of the process. Our oil is made from 100% organically grown Koroneiki olives. Every olive is carefully selected and hand picked to meet the olive’s ultimate flavour and quality. Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unrefined, unfiltered, pure and untreated. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides to keep the natural vitamins and minerals found in the fruit.

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