Lykke by Julie

Lykke by Julie
Lykke by Julie July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/08/31 at 3:26 PM
About the Supplier

It all began when Julie was in search for a product that did not exist.

When she couldn’t find a product to safely soothe and heal her babies’ eczema, she did what any mother would do: Julie took their health and wellbeing into her own hands.

With research and hard work, she developed an all-natural oil that succeeded! Today she produces an exclusive skin-care line and has achieved two award winning prices.

The recipes are carefully combined with local wild plants and berries, from the Nordic mountains that can withstand harsh weather, with the best of fine herbs and plants from the rest of our planet – to obtain necessary nutrients for the skin.

Lykke by Julie was established in 2016, producing an organic and all-natural skin care line.

Our values are:

• organic & all-natural ingredients

• environmentally friendly packaging

• no animal testing

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Lykke by Julie
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