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Tree of Life UK Limited January 27, 2022
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We‚Äôre an independent business based in the British countryside. Our commitment to quality has won us two Queens Awards for International Trade, with the whole family at the wheel: a husband, wife, two daughters and son-in-law. A team of tea lovers who have been blending brews for over 20 years Рwe pour our passion into every single cup, promising flavours that fly.

With endless different blends, Higher Living & Dr Stuarts have a brew for every mood. Our infusions are here to soothe you before bedtime and invigorate you before breakfast. We’re your self-care in a cup, your hug-in-a-mug. Your teabag to turn when you’re seeking the healing qualities of a cuppa, those few blissful minutes with your favourite mug, a sigh of satisfaction after every sip.

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