eunoia July 26, 2022
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About the Supplier

We started as a group of family and friends sharing a common vision and core values to utilize the unique plants of our homeland, having great respect for the environment and the unparalleled natural beauty of Greece.

We aim to provide pure organic commodities handled with love, following 50 years of authentic traditional farming recipes combined with the modern agri-food industry knowledge provided by specialists. The goal remains the same: A farm-to-fork approach of organic aromatic & medicinal plants and herbs of high quality, consistency, reliability, and continuous growth.

One of the original targets has always been working alongside other Greek farmers who share the same values and visions with

us. The soul of our venture is based in our privately owned plantation of 200.000 sq.m plus an additional 250.000 sq.m from our producers’ group crops, in Northern Greece.

We deal with the cultivation and trade of exclusively organic certified products prioritizing high quality. For this reason, in every single stage of the production process, Eunoia does not use any agrochemicals so that it can provide safe products for everyone, respecting both humans and the environment.

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