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Biosüdtirol VOG July 26, 2022
Updated 2022/08/10 at 9:48 AM
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300 headstrong farmers.

100 percent organic.

That’s what we and our apples are known for.

How it all began: When headstrong people have crazy ideas.

Six headstrong individuals and one crazy idea: organically grown apples from the South Tyrol. That’s how it all started in the late summer of 1990. And now? 300 headstrong individuals. 100% organic. Zero compromise. In a word: Biosüdtirol. Our brand name reveals the very core of our story.

Why a cooperative?

300 organic farmers, together are stronger than one. Only together can we afford the background support for every professionally farmed, harvested, stored, processed, packaged, marketed and distributed organic apple. In our cooperative, each farmer has an equal say. No matter how many hectares they manage. Ecology and democracy sit well together in the same apple cart!

VOG. Our umbrella organisation.

From the very start, cooperation has been our greatest guiding principle. We joined the Verband der Südtiroler Obstgenossenschaften (VOG/Association of South Tyrolean Fruit Growers’ Cooperatives) in our first year. VOG has since become the biggest marketing organisation for apples in Europe. Our umbrella organisation now unites approximately 5000 producers, who manage nearly 11,000 hectares of cultivated land and produce 600,000 tonnes of high quality fruit every year. No doubt including the apples you’re soon to eat.

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