Altalanga Azienda Agricola Bio

Altalanga Azienda Agricola Bio
Updated 2022/08/08 at 4:11 PM
About the Supplier

Altalanga is an organic farm with a short but very special history. It was founded from scratch in 2013 by Gian Franco Cavallotto, a man born in the Langhe area who retired from the insurance business at 66 in order to fulfill a dream he’s been cherishing since childhood: that of creating an innovative agricultural activity on his native soil with the purpose of developping an exceptional product that was not properly appreciated, especially abroad. His project was very innovative and demanding also from a financial point of view and the founder took it up as a great challenge to face especially because the backward local people would look at the practice of organic farming with irony and almost contempt. However, for Cavallotto, innovation does not exclude respect for tradition such as natural drying in the sun like he used to see in his childhood: this to avoid the thermal shock caused by the mechanical dryer. The greatest reward was observing the hazelnuts vegetating and producing more than the conventional ones. Also the reaction of the customers when tasting the products. When in the laboratory he breathes the scent of roasted hazelnuts, he seems to smell the aroma of hazelnuts that his mother roasted at home in the oven of the cast iron wood stove. With the recognition of the √¢‚Ǩ≈ìLanghe” denomination for the hazelnut grown on our hills, Cavallotto has seen his idea enacted: communicating to the consumer the difference between hazelnuts grown on the hills and the ones coming from the plain. Tourists, especially foreigners visiting our shop overlooking the laboratory, often ask to be toured inside and become enthusiastic about the craftsmanship, order, cleanliness they find and the genuineness of the ingredients, all BIO and gluten free. He has already won the bet and is proud of the appreciation he finds from customers; the only regret is not having enough product to fulfill the demand.

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